Sorry I haven’t been around much.
My drama levels have seem to go down some. I guess taking a step away from Friend M, and actually talking to my Hubs helps in these cases. I am actually happy. I am actually going through life with plans, hope and encouragement.
Friend M did contact me, she wanted to tell me that she was excited we found a place (I didn’t tell her, she found out by the lady who referred us, but of course she took it in like she knew what the lady was talking about). Anyway, you know Friend M just moved in with her boyfriend, so of course she needs somewhere to “store” her things. She calls me and tells me I can “borrow” her pictures, and this piece of furniture, and this. She even says, “I am just loaning you”.
Why would I want anything that is “loaned” to me? So when her boyfriend breaks up with her she can come to my house and get all “her” things, and then everything in the house will be gone, and how would that help us? Ugh.

But that is all the drama for now.
Pregnancy is going good, if you want to know about it just email me at freakydelicious at

Today, I am down


I don’t know why but for the past two days I just feel lonely, depressed, not myself.

I come to write today to address why I feel this way. I don’t really know why I feel this way, probably because I am 7 months pregnant, and the walls of this house are slowly caving in on me.

My husband is as cheap as they come.
1. He makes about 900/wk (if he works over time, 700/wk on normal 40hrs) But yet, he doesn’t want to pay 700-750/mo rent. He wants to be CHEAP. We found us a house: 3br/2ba 940 sq ft. It is a small house. But he likes it, you know why!? It’s 550/mo.
2. We need a new couch and loveseat. The couch and loveseat we have now are suppose to be WHITE and they are about an off-white now. I have tried cleaning them, but I think they will need a steamer. So, I found a loveseat, couch, 2 end tables, and a coffee table online for $500. I told him we could sale the tables, because we don’t need them (plus, they wouldn’t match what we have, or offer $300 for the couch and loveseat since we don’t need the tables) Hubs’s response: “You must be CRAZY thinking I am going to pay $500 on a couch and loveseat!” Sigh. :/
3. Hub’s Next remark: When we do buy a house, my payments will not be over 600/mo and that’s with insurance and everything included. I’m not going to live out of my means.
My husband must think the world evolves around him.
1. I stay at home, I love it, I do. What I hate is, washing dishes to cook, then cooking, him and everyone eating, then I end up back in the kitchen to clean it. I may stay at home, but I am starting to feel like I am just the maid, the slave. Plus, we don’t have a dishwasher, so I have to stand in the kitchen and wash everything by hand. Do you know how boring that is to do everyday?
2. I am packing by myself. My Hubs has the excuse that he works and goes to school. The only excuse I have is I’m pregnant. (I had to move a 5 drawer, chest of drawers into the house yesterday (by myself) because when I asked my husband to put it in the house, he blew it off since this past weekend. It was about to rain, so I moved the damn thing in the house.
3. We don’t even know if this house will be fully available to move in till the end of March.
The lady that lives there is waiting on the finalization on the house she is buying, and plus her lease on the rental property isn’t up till the end of March. (Hello!? I am due the 2nd week of April) Surely My husband doesn’t think I WILL BE MOVING all this STUFF when I am close to 9 MONTHS pregnant!)
4. I have been trying to take it easy.
I have been having braxton hicks contractions. So, I haven’t been able to pack, and do ALL the house chores. Hub comes in from work yesterday and the first thing he asks is if I washed clothes. Well, I haven’t. I have been packing, and going through what we don’t need. Haven’t thought about clothes, since there is only like 2 loads that needed to be washed. Hubs response: “Well, You could have washed me some DAMN underwear!” My reply “Put them in the washer, and maybe if you would buy more than 3 at a time then you would have clean ones! Plus, I think you have 2 hands to wash clothes with too”

On top of all this. He didn’t want me buying DD a bed. He didn’t want to spend $100 on her a twin bed, but I spent my $100 of my Christmas Money that I got from family to buy her one. But now, he spends $50-$60/wk at Hobby Lobby buying NEW stuff for the Nursery (which we don’t even have yet).

All I can do this morning is cry. Sometimes I wonder why I even put up with it. Why I sit and go through life with the CHEAPEST stuff. Here I am in a house that I wanted to be moved out of last August, 7 months pregnant and packing all this stuff by myself. Did I sign up for this? Is this what I will have to keep going through the rest of my life? :/

Talking about adding fire

Okay, so you know Hubs truck went up in some flames December 11 and his truck has been in the shop since.

Last week….
Well, let me just tell you this story, my friend JS sold his car before looking into the truck he parked in his garage about 6 months ago. Yes, parked his truck, and has not checked on it in 6 months, maybe longer, not even to turn it over. Come to find out, the car he was driving, was fine and drivable, but he sold it. Therefore, he goes to get into his truck to go to school, and the truck does not do anything. He finds a way to school, and then calls me that evening wanting me to come pick him up from school. Now, do not get me wrong, JS has helped me before, but remember we only are down to one car, and I have to be Taxi-lady A LOT.
Before I made any decisions I called to talk to hubs, and see what he said, because he would have to miss school if we take JS all the way home, which is about 20miles out of our way, and then over 20miles back home, so over 40miles total. Hubs agree that I we can take him home, etc. Therefore, we adventure over to the college, pick him up, and take him home.
While we were there, Hubs decided to check out the truck and see what he thought might be wrong with it. Hubs spend over an hr and half looking over his truck, taking relays to the parts place, etc. Come to find out that the fuel pump is bad. Hubs then tell JS there is nothing he can do other than call a shop and get it fixed. Being that Hubs is being nice; he gave him the number to the shop we use.
The guy we use only works on cars part time, due to working with the police department during the day, but his prices are the cheapest in town, and he is a very honest guy. It might take a little while, but it will be worth it. He only works on cars for about 3 hours a day, and he is off on the weekends to spend time with his family. Hubs explained all this to JS before handing over his number. JS agreed and called the guy the next day. On the way home, I noticed JS never offered ANYTHING. He did not offer gas money, a lunch date, nothing!
On top of calling the guy the next day, he decided to call me the next day too. He wanted me to pick him up from his home, and then take him to school. I was already going to be on the road 4x that day, but he wanted me to do it MORE! In addition, was even getting MAD that I did not want to drive all the way to his house, and was getting rude with me!
Now, under my breathe I say, “DON”T SALE YOUR CAR THAT IS DRIVABLE!”
Hubs was suppose to get his truck on Monday January  14, but we found out that JS called the guy everyday since last week, and sometimes even more than 2x a day, so the guy got JS’s truck in and out within 2 days and therefore his truck went before Hubs. Therefore, being a friend we are… JS screwed us over even after the fact we helped him!

Thanks for being a friend JS, really appreciate it, and this week I could have slept in a little later, and been able to not be a Taxi-Driver, but I guess you think I like getting up early, and I like being a Taxi-Driver.



Things you Don’t say to pregnant women

While I was at Zumba, trying to do my thing, and feel good about myself, I got the quote, “Wow! Are you going to make it to your due date!?” Gee, thanks lady! My reply, “I guess I will see. DD was 5 days early, so who knows.”

Last week the same lady said, “Looks like you are getting on out there, are you okay to be doing Zumba?”
My reply, “Well, I was doing Zumba before this baby, and I am doing Zumba with this baby, so I guess I am doing okay.”

Like, what makes someone think of such? Why not be encouraging? Like, “You look amazing!”

Just another day in the life of Ms. Problems



I do not know if it is due to being pregnant or not but I just do not like the idea of moving, not when we could be starting to buy a house within a few months. If we moved we will have to come up with first months rent and a deposit which will be around $1200-1500 at once. I can see that money going toward a new couch and a rocking recliner. On top of that, pregnant woman will have to unpack and pack everything to move. A hub is going to work, and is back in full swing of school, so he will be limited on the time and help.

However, Hubs wants to move. He wants to get out of here. He will find every excuse under the sun. Just like this morning, we woke up to a small drip from the hallway ceiling. He points to it, “That’s why I want to move”, of course, he did not like me rolling my eyes or huffing at this point. My thoughts were “It is pouring outside!” It has rained almost everyday in the past two weeks, and he hasn’t done anything to the roof in the last (almost) four years we have been here, and yet he is going to throw a fit about “the little drip of water” as a reason to move, and that little drip of water just started this morning. I even put a bucket down, the bottom of the bucket is not wet, and it has stopped raining, go figure.

With him not fixing things, simple things, it makes me wonder if he will fix things (ever) in our “new” house.
When we moved to this pace, four years ago, he agreed to fix thing and all he had to do was let our landlord know. Our landlord told him he would pay for anything that needs repaired, and if he does pay for something out of his pocket to let him know and he will reimburse him the money. However, Hubs has only turned the well pump in, and the only reason is that it shot. Therefore, in the last four years the only thing our landlord had to replace with a well pump. Our landlord is in a wheel chair, so he cannot fix things, and Hubs agreed he could do the things, so that is what I am getting at.

On a side note, yes, this place needs repairs. It needs new carpet, new flooring in places, it needs help with the roof, a support beam under the washing machine, but to me these things are just “minor” things. So why not fix these things and stay a little longer until we buy us a new house?

The baby will not need “his” room right off the bat. He will stay in a pak-n-play or bassinet for a while, and I can sleep in the living room and get up every 2 to 4 hours with him for feedings and diaper duties. Would it be nice if he had his own room? Of course!

Hubs next excuse, “I don’t want to wake the baby when I have to get ready in the mornings”, really?! Do you think we are just going to tiptoe around him? What about when I have to get our daughter to school? I will have to load both of them up in the car since she is not a busy rider. Will that not wake the baby up?

I just really do not see spending the money when we do not have to move. Even when I did find places to look at Hubs is so meticulous about them.
I found a 3Br/2Ba house, hardwood floors, fenced-in back yard $750/mo. It was nice! Hubs excuse, “It has a neighbor” Which it did, about 100ft to the left of the house, but there were woods on the other side. Hubs next excuse: “I don’t want to spend 750/mo on rent”
I found a 4Br/2Ba house $800/mo. He never went inside this house, he rode by and said “no thanks” and never tried negotiating a payment with the person, nothing.
I found a 3Br/2Ba house $700/mo, we rode by it, never talked to the owners on the phone, or anything and he said, “Nope, it has neighbors”
So why am I discouraged? Because Hubs wants to find a house for $600/mo and around here, 600/mo will put you in the dumps. It will put you in a worse place then what we have now, and finding anything for 600/mo is nearly impossible!



A New Day, a new light

Breaking the Silence

I was thinking about something this morning, I know shocking.
Friend M is selling her house, and everything has to be out of her house by the 22nd, and Hubs truck is still in the shop! So, I guess I will have to break the silence since she stormed off last Saturday. I really hate breaking the silence, but I have things that I need from there, and she will probably forget to even look in the attic, because she is spacey like that.
We have a standard crib, and a baby swing; however, we are giving this stuff to Hubs family because they are 19 and expecting their first child. Plus, I want a convertible crib, that way I am not constantly looking for a bed. Anyway, on top of that stuff being there my annuals are in a box in the main attic, along with stuffed animals from I was DD’s age. So, I would like to get these things, so that DD can take care of them, and I will have something that I can pass down to her.

I guess the main thing, is breaking the silence. I don’t want to, but yet, what else am I to do? I know once I break the silence that more drama will unfold, and why is it that I am always the one to have to do this? I hate going through her mind games, and other things. If hubs truck was out of the shop, then we could just ride over there without her even knowing and get what we got to have and come back home. However, it is not possible without a truck.


Another update.
I am not “quitting” this blog. I just think my personal life should be moved to my personal blog. My personal blog is just that, and this blog is here for me to “vent” and none of my family know about this blog. Does that make sense? I don’t want to throw any of you off guard, I just think something as personal as a pregnancy should be where it needs to be, and my family should be able to read and go through the journey along with me. If you would like any information about my other blog please send me an email. (Email link is on the right side, Under E-Mail)

Please don’t throw tomatoes at me 😉

Please read

Due to some current events I will not be posting my pregnancy updates from here. If you would like to stay in contact with me please send me an email at I can explain more there than I can here. Sorry for any troubles.

For the baby name reveal please send me an email.

I will keep this open for my “up-to-date drama” as this is a way for me to vent about my everyday life. I will be back from time to time I am sure.

Revamped 5 steps forward

Maybe the guy serving my husband papers wasn’t as bad as I thought.
My Hubs is pretty lazy when it comes to paying things, well, paying things that he think doesn’t affect us. Okay, let me explain.
About two years ago I called our local hospital and set up payment plan, only $20/mo and as long as we pay it then they wouldn’t turn it over to collections; however, after I done that, did all the work, Hubs never made a payment. I just trashed the payment booklet they sent out about 2 months ago, from 2 years ago. I don’t know what it is about Hubs but he doesn’t under the concept that you have to pay these things. He never has. However, it is getting better.

Now, you might ask, Why in the World is having a guy serve your husband papers a good thing?
Because Now my Husband HAS to pay it! This means it will be coming off his credit report, no more of me nagging him to get it done, no more stressing on my end. Now everything on his credit report will be gone within 10months. Now that this has went into effect starting yesterday, we can show proof that he is paying it (he has to pay 100/mo) because he has to pay with his debit card. This helps us because we are trying to buy a house. We needed the Payment History! So, there you have it. We are now stacking up payment history with paying his debit, rent, and other necessaries.

I can finally see the path that is leading out of the tunnel! I even talked to our Mortgage Broker and she said that if he keeps up with everything he is doing we can start looking for a house! And we could be moved in by the time the baby gets here! How amazing is that?? I think I can see rainbows and raindrops falling, because life is getting pretty awesome!


2 steps forward, 10 back

As you guys know, we are trying to be able to buy a house this year. I don’t know when, and or how it will happen, but we are trying. We are still trying to find a rental house till we buy a house, since our house right now is only two bedrooms, and DD’s room is no bigger than 6ftx6ft.
I woke up today, got DD off to school and began to gather address for the baby shower. I have been talking to my Aunt about who to invite, and etc. As I was sitting, looking through addresses, or flipping through addresses someone pulled up outside. I dropped what I was doing and unlocked the door to only find a man standing there trying to serve my husband papers from our local hospital. Apparently the hospital wants to sue for $1000 and something dollars. However, nothing is on his credit report about $1000. There is a few on his credit report, but nothing like that, hints the we have to get some things sorted before “buying” a house.
It is things like these that just make “seeing-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” seem so distant. What I don’t understand is he has INSURANCE! We do everything we can to provide that, and that is not good enough! We pay over $30/wk on insurance ALONE! It does nothing, I have proof, these papers that are GLARING at me, these papers that if he doesn’t pay then they will start garnishing his wages, which means less money for us to move, less money for anything.

What I don’t understand:
People who have NO job gets Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Phones! How is this fair to working people!? One of my friends who is living off the government only had to pay $25 to have her baby. We have to pay $3500 to have ours, how is that fair?

Just something else to go “down” in the Drama for Ms. Problems, and apparently I need to bury my head in the sand and just keep telling myself “WE WILL NEVER HAVE BETTER”


Save the drama for Ms. Problems

Who knew that most of my drama would be from Friend M (for my new followers, Friend M is My Mom)

Yesterday my mom decides to call me. She has sold her house and everything needs to be out of it by the 22nd of this month. She wants to see DD tomorrow, which now is today. She still asks to keep DD all by herself. She wanted to come get her and take her to 2 counties over, which is about 45 minutes, one way. I talked to Hubs and he suggested that he take the car to work, since his truck is in the shop, and M could just come here and get DD and I at home. Sounds fair to me. I then call her and let her know, you can tell I made her mad in the sound of her voice, because now she isn’t just getting DD, she is getting me too!

Anyway, last night we got the oil changed in the car, and got some stuff for home. When we got home I unloaded the car, and got in the house, it was freeeeezing outside! I didn’t even think about DD’s car seat till this morning, and guess what? Hubs took the car seat with him to work, in the car. What Tha Hell!? How can I forget that!? But I did.

Last night around midnight I was talking to Friend JS. I haven’t seen him since my birthday lunch, which was about a month ago, so I invited him to come eat lunch with us, and I would pay, since he said he didn’t have any money. I know, I am such a good friend. He agreed he would, and we picked a place in town to eat. We picked a restaurant that I haven’t had in about 4 years or so. We made our plans, so when M showed we could get going, because I only have a few hours till I have to be home and get ready to go meet someone else with the Hubs.

M asked me last night what time DD and I got up in the mornings and I told her between 8-9:30. Well, DD woke me up at 9 asking where M was. I got out of the bed and called her. Come to find out she isn’t planning on being here till 12, and she knows I have to be home at 3pm, because I have previous plans. I told her that I needed to eat lunch around 11, but of course she doesn’t listen to that either. She then says, “I’ll just take DD to the beach, it is a park, and you can go with friend JS”. I then asked, If you do that, when and how is DD going to eat lunch? and it is going to be 40 degrees outside!

Like, why doesn’t she understand she is NEVER getting DD ALONE again!?

Hubs just texted me and told me that M isn’t coming.
When I talked to her on the phone, she was on her way. We forgot the car seat, and the car seat is in the parking lot at Hubs work, in the locked car. So she would have to go by Hubs job site to get the keys, which is on the way, then stop and get the car seat and come here, which is on the way, too. She told me on the phone, with her attitude, that she wouldn’t be here for another hr and half because she has to do this chase for the car seat, but yet it is on her way. I dunno how that adds an hr and half, when it takes her 45 minutes to get here.
When I was on the phone with her she was yelling and throwing her attitude, and I simply told her not to bring her attitude here. I don’t need it, and it is not my fault, it is an accident, people forget things.

But M does this crap all the time. Even Hubs said she called him and said she was just going back home bc she had a headache and named off other excuses, however, I told him what she done to me on the phone and he said that he is tired of it. M never sticks to plans,and I can never depend on her and now its involving DD. She even told Hubs that “I had other plans” because I invited JS to go eat lunch with us, and she wanted to take DD to the park, and apparently I didnt want that, so she will give up and go home.

dramaand I really do!

There you go, my drama started at 9am, how about yours?